VII is proud to announce that photographers Ashley Gilbertson, Ed Kashi, and Davide Monteleone were recognized in the 2014 PDN Photo Annual Awards.

Ashley Gilbertson received an award in the Photojournalism category for his work “Concrete Beach,” documenting New York City residents finding places to soak up the sun in their neighborhoods. Click here to see more photographs from Gilbertson’s esteemed series.

Ed Kashi’s ongoing documentary project tells the stories of sugar-cane workers in Nicaragua, where an epidemic of fatal Chronic Kidney Disease is killing the workers at alarming rates. This body of work was also acknowledged in the Photojournalism category. Click here to see Kashi’s winning images.

In addition, Ed Kashi was honored alongside Julie Winokur of Talking Eyes Media, for the PDN Publisher’s Choice Award. This distinction was awarded for their noteworthy film “Syria’s Lost Generation.” Click here to see the recognition of Kashi and Winokur’s film.

Davide Monteleone’s Spasibo, a body of work documenting the complex lives of the Chechen people, received a prize in the Photo Books category. Galia Ackerman says, “This book contains neither majestic city- or country-scapes nor blood-spattered depictions of violence. Monteleone rather shows us the otherwise invisible: the stifling atmosphere, the regnant helplessness and fear, the young women resigned to their fate, and the elderly, whose traditional authority has diminished in the face of Kadyrov’s brutes.” Click here to learn more about this accolade.

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