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Ali Arkardy is a photographer and photojournalist from Khanaqin, Iraq, located in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq near the Iranian border. A graduate of the Fine Arts Institution in Khanaqin, Ali has been working as a photographer since 2006 and currently is focusing on photo stories about Iraqis injured and disabled during war. He is mentored by VII photographer Ed Kashi.

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Ali’s photographs have been published in international and Iraq media and shown in more than a dozen exhibits in Iraq, Dubai, Georgia, and Germany. 2012 my story about a wounded soldier, the first prize on Iraq, and published in the cnn website and 2013 worked Subject for gettyimages abut 10 years after the U.S. invasion of Baghdad, His photo essay, “Daily Labor of Sulaimanyah, Iraq” appeared at the 2012 Festival for Georgia and was featured on the CNN International and PhotoAid web sites. In 2011, he was the bronze medial recipient at the Annual Festival in Hamburg, sponsored by the Arab Union of Photographers in Europe. 2014 was chosen in Noon-Nikon Masterclasss

Ali also is a photography and an assistant media training instructor with Metrography’s Training Centre, located in Sulaimanyah, Iraq. In addition to editorial work, Ali completes corporate and commercial photography and videography assignments for international and national companies and NGOs and relief organizations, such as the United Nations, UNHCR, Mercy Corps, IREX, and International Relief Development (IRD).

He is a member of the Federation of Iraq Photographers; Federation of Germany; and Organization Photographers, Iraq.

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