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Davide Monteleone (b. 1974) started his photographic career in 2000, when he became an editorial photographer in Contrasto. The next year he moved to Moscow as a correspondent. This decision determined his ensuing career. Since 2003, Monteleone has lived between Italy and Russia, pursuing long-term personal projects. He published his first book Dusha, Russian Soul in 2007, followed by La Linea Inesistente, in 2009, and Red Thistle in 2012. His projects have brought him numerous awards, including various World Press Photo prizes and several grants like “Aftermath” or European Publisher Award. In recent years he is carrying out projects for leading international magazines, foundations and cultural institutions, exhibiting and teaching and shooting short films. Since 2011 Davide is a member of VII Photo.

“Even though I come from the tradition of documentary photography, my goal is not only to inform, but to create images that are the interpretation of an idea. I want the audience of my work to get curious about the subject of my research and to start investigating themselves.”


Prizes and Awards

2013 Carmignac Foundation Grant
“SPASIBO – Thanks”
“Multimedia Nordic Odyssey”
2012 Lead Award , Germany 3rd prize
“Red Thistle”
2012 EPEA 01 GRANT
2012 Awaking award, Tehran art project, Iran
“Reversed see series”
2011 European Publisher Award
“Red Thistle”
2011 Follow your convictions grant
“Reversed See” – Maurice Lacroix – World Press Photo foundation
2011 World Press Photo
Milan Fashion Week – 2nd Prize Art single
2010 Aftermath Project Grant
Winner with “Red Thistle, Journey in the Northern Caucasus”
2010 Lumix Freelens Award
Winner Freelens award “Northern Caucasus”
2010 Emerging Photographer grant 2010
Winner burn magazine grant “Northern Caucasus”
2010 Sony World Photography Awards
2nd prize Contemporary Issue Daghestan
2009 Leica Oskar Barnak Award
Finalist “Russian Caucasus”
2009 World Press Photo
Abkhazia – 1° Prize General news stories
2008 Finalist at “Aftermath Project Grant”
“Russian Caucasus”
2008 IPA Award 2008
2nd place best book “DUSHA Russian Soul”
1st place general news editorial “Pakistan Turning Point”
2008 FotoGrafia-Book Award
Best book at FotoGrafia Festival in Rome
2008 Bastianelli Mention best book
Best “first book” at Bastianelli Prize in Rome
2008 PDN Photo annual award
Magazine Editorial Categories for Internazionale
2007 TAF prize, “Dusha – Russian Soul”
LuccaDigitalFotoFest 2007, Italy
2007 World Press Photo
Israeli bombing in Lebanon – 1° Prize Spot news stories.
2006 FNAC “C’era una volta CCCP”
FNAC mention at the prize : “Talento fotografico fnac”
2005 Prize Amilcare Ponchielli “C’era una volta CCCP”
2nd prize at the Amilcare Ponchielli Milano


2013 “Red Thiste”
2013 “Red Thiste”
2012 “Red Thiste”
VII Gallery – New York, US
2012 “Red Thiste”
Petite Noire Gallery – Paris, France
2012 “Harragas” – European photography Award
House of Photography – Hamburg, Germany
2012 “Red Thiste”
Freelens gallery – Hamburg, Germany
2011 Ombre di Guerra
MEP – Paris
2011 La Linea Inesistente
Ortigia – Siracuse
2010 Northern Caucasus
Ferrara, Castello Estense, “Festival giornalismo di Internazionale”
2010 Northern Caucasus
Rovereto, Fondazione cassa di risparmio di Trento e Rovereto.
2010 Northern Caucasus at Hannover Photofestival
Lumix Festival in Hannover
2009 La Linea Inesistente
Palazzo Esposizioni – Rome
2009 Ombre di Guerra
Rotonda della Besana – Milan – collective
2009 Prima e dopo il Muro
Rome, Museo in Trastevere – collective
2009 03.32
“Festival Giornalismo di Atri” – collective
2009 Clear Light
Festival della Fotografia Reggio Emilia – collective
2009 From Body to Soul – Russian Caucasus
FOTOGRAFIA Festival Internazionale di Roma
Palazzo Esposizioni – Rome
2009 Dusha – Russian Soul
Micamera – Milan
2008 Voies off – Arles
Dusha – Russian Soul
2008 Dusha Russian Soul
Lumix Festival in Hannover
2008 Dusha Russian Soul
2007 Dusha – Russian Soul
LuccaDigitalFotoFest 2007, Italy
2007 Scandinavian Muslim
Noorderlict Festival 2007, Holland – collective
2007 Altri Mondi
FOTOGRAFIA Festival Internazionale di Roma – collective
2006 Israeli bombing in Lebanon
Luis Valtueña Int. Humanitarian Photography Award
2003 circa 35 – High Society
FOTOGRAFIA Festival Internazionale di Roma – collective


2012 “Red Thistle” – Actes sud, Dewi Lewis, Peliti, Kherner Verlag.
2012 “Holler – Enel Contemporanea” – H+
2011 “Time In Turkey” – Zaman
2010 “Burn 01 in print” Magnum Foundation
2010 “War is only half of the story vol. 3” Aftermath Foundation
2009 “La Linea Inesistente” Contrasto
2009 “Foam Talent issue” Foam
2009 “Reportage Atri Festival”catalogue Peliti Associati
2009 “Clear Light”catalogue Peliti Associati
2009 “La Gioia”catalogue Zone Attive Edizioni
2008 “Quotidianamente Fotografi” Edizioni Postcart
2007 “Dusha – Russian Soul” Edizioni Postcart
2005 “Il sole nelle mani” Motta Editore

Daghestan 2009

Bursa Photofest

October 7, 2013



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