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Esa Ylijaasko (1989) is a documentary photographer originally from a small northern town of Keminmaa, Finland. After graduating from Jyväskylä College of Arts he started working for newspapers in Finland and Chile.

Esa’s personal projects lead him to Russia, Spain and Turkey. Since 2012, he has concentrated on a personal, in-depth documentary project on the victims of the Syrian Civil War.

His work has been published in The New York TimesVice MagazineDiario El Austral,Suomen KuvalehtiHuvudstadbladed and exhibited in Finland and Turkey. He won the Magnum Photos Showcase in November 2012.

Esa is based in Rovaniemi, Finland and is mentored by Maciek Nabrdalik.


A Snow Castle

A freezing wind blows through my frozen beard and bites my chin. The temperature is -27° [...]

City Plaza Hotel

Many inhabitants have gathered in the hotel restaurant. Children are playing. Young people and [...]

November Is a Beginning

I’m sitting in a 32-square-meter apartment in Istanbul that has no toilet or shower. The [...]

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