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Furkan Temir is a self-taught photographer and artist born in 1995 in a small town in Eastern Turkey. After spending his childhood and adolescence in his town, he earned a scholarship for the Department of Cinema in State University and moved to Istanbul. By that time, he had developed an interest in photojournalism and traveled many times across Turkey and abroad for his projects. He combines different techniques of painting, video, photography, and installation to create works focused on minorities in the Middle East.

Temir’s photos have been published in The New York Times, TIME, CNN Photo Blog, Stern, Paris Match and The Guardian. He also had solo and group exhibitions in Germany, Italy, France, and Turkey. He lives in Istanbul.


Louder Than Bombs

In September of 2014, ISIS attacked Ayn-el Arab on three fronts. Before the civil war in Syria, [...]

Time-lapse of a Coup

On the night of July 15, 2016, soldiers took to the streets of Istanbul and Ankara and [...]

What Makes a War

In December of 2015, the Turkish government launched an operation with tanks, armored cars, and [...]

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