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Maciek Nabrdalik is a Warsaw-based documentary photographer and member of the VII Photo Agency whose primary focus is on sociological changes in Eastern Europe. His work has been published in Smithsonian, L’Espresso, Stern, Newsweek and The New York Times among others, and has been exhibited internationally. His project on German Nazi camp survivors worldwide was published as the book The Irreversible in 2013. His second book, Homesick, that summarizes his long-term project chronicling the consequences of Chernobyl disaster was published in 2016. Nabrdalik’s awards include honors from World Press Photo, Pictures of the Year International, NPPA The Best of Photojournalism and multiple awards in his native Poland.

Nieman Fellow at Harvard University 2016/2017.

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  • 2014 World Press PhotoPress Photo, 2nd prize in Contemporary Issues singles
  • 2014 Grand Press Photo, 1st prize in Portraits singles
  • 2014 BZWBK Press Foto, 3rd prize in Portrait series
  • 2013 Pictures of the Year International, Portrait series, 3rd prize
  • 2013 Grand Press Photo, 2nd prize in Environment story
  • 2013 BZWBK Press Foto, 2nd prize in Environment story
  • 2013 BZWBK Press Foto, 2nd prize in Portrait series
  • 2012 Polish Press Agency Ryszard Kapuscinski Award
  • 2012  Pierre and Alexandra Boulat grant
  • 2012  The Best of Photojournalism, USA, HM in Enterprise Picture story
  • 2012  BZWBK Press Foto, 1st in Civilisation picture story
  • 2011  Pictures of the Year International, Feature Picture Story, 1st prize
  • 2011  The Best of Photojournalism, USA, 1 place in Road to Office Picture story
  • 2011  The Best of Photojournalism, USA, 1 place, single in The Road to Office
  • 2011  Grand Press Photo, 2nd prize, in People picture story
  • 2011  Grand Press Photo, 2nd prize, in Daily Life picture story
  • 2011  BZWBK Press Foto, 2nd prize, in People story
  • 2011  BZWBK Press Foto, HM in Civilisation picture story
  • 2010  Grand Press Photo, People, Series, 1st  prize
  • 2010  NPPA the Best of Photojournalism 2010, USA, 3rd  prize in Portrait Series
  • 2008  BZWBK Press Photo (Poland), 2nd  prize in Sport Series
  • 2008  finalist of NY Photo Festival Awards 2008, USA.
  • 2007  Grand Press Photo, Picture of the Year 2007 in Poland (Grand Prix)
  • 2007  Grand Press Photo, 1st  prize in News of the Year
  • 2007  Press Photography Contest (Poland), 2nd  prize in News
  • 2006  Grand Press Photo, HM in People

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