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Maciek Nabrdalik is a graduate of Warsaw University of Technology.
He gave up Computer Science for his greatest passion, photography, which he took up professionally in 2001. Nabrdalik began working in the U.S., shooting for local newspapers, and worked as an assistant at photo shoots for world-acclaimed fashion magazines.

In 2003, he was hired by a major Polish daily as a staff photographer covering national and international news.
In 2007, Nabrdalik quit his newspaper and began working as a freelancer. In 2008, he joined the VII Mentor Program, between 2010-2011 he was a part of VII Network and since 2011 he is a member of VII Photo.

Although Nabrdalik often works in Europe, the U.S. and Asia, his main concentration is on sociological changes in Eastern Europe. 

Nabrdalik is based in Warsaw, Poland and has been assigned to cover stories for Smithsonian, Newsweek (Poland), Polityka, The Wall Street Journal among others.


In 2012 he was awarded with a grant from Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage to continue his project on Nazi camps survivors worldwide.

Same year Nabrdalik won Pierre and Alexandra Boulat Grant for the project called “Ecominc Migrations”


2012 Pierre and Alexandra Boulat grant
2012  The Best of Photojournalism, USA, HM in Enterprise Picture Story
2012  BZWBK Press Foto, 1st in Civilisation picture story
2011 Pictures of the Year International, Feature Picture Story, 1st prize
2011  The Best of Photojournalism, USA, 1 place in Road to Office Picture Story
2011  The Best of Photojournalism, USA, 1 place, single in The Road to Office
2011  Grand Press Photo, 2nd prize, in People picture story
2011  Grand Press Photo, 2nd prize, in Daily Life picture story
2011  BZWBK Press Foto, 2nd prize, in People story
2011  BZWBK Press Foto, HM in Civilisation picture story
2010  Grand Press Photo, People, Series, 1st prize
2010  NPPA the Best of Photojournalism 2010, USA, 3rd prize in Portrait Series
2008  BZWBK Press Photo (Poland), 2nd prize in Sport Series
2008  finalist of NY Photo Festival Awards 2008, USA.
2007  Grand Press Photo, Picture of the Year 2007 in Poland (Grand Prix)
2007  Grand Press Photo, 1st prize in News of the Year
2007  Press Photography Contest (Poland), 2nd prize in News
2006  Grand Press Photo, HM in People



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