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Sarker Protick came to photography when one day during his graduate studies at University, he decided to take a picture of the sun with a camera phone. The bright sun immediately crashed his phone, the light proving too intense for his camera, but it did ignite his desire to make pictures.

In 2014, he was named in British Journal Of Photography’s annual ‘Ones to Watch’. The same year, Sarker was selected for the World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass. In 2015, he went on to win a World Press Photo award for his story ‘What Remains’ and was listed in PDN’s 30 emerging photographers of the year.

His works have been published in The New York Times, GEO Magazine, The New Yorker, Liberation, Sunday Times, National Geographic, Wired, The British Journal of Photography, The Zeit, among many others. Sarker’s work have been featured in numerous exhibitions, including Chobi Mela International Photography Festival, Noorderlicht, Photovisa, Organ Vida, Dhaka Art Summit, Tokyo month of Photography, Festival of Promenades Photographiques, Grandprix Foto Festiwal Lodz, Norway’s national festival of documentary photography and photojournalism, Photo Qaui Biannual, Obscura Photo etc.

Sarker is a member of VII Photo Agency and currently teaching at Pathshala South Asian Media Academy.

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