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Leonardo Carrato



Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



Born in Minas Gerais, Brazil, in 1983, Leo Carrato threw himself into a photographic journey in 2012 driven by his passion. Nowadays Leo is based in Rio de Janeiro and works as a photographer and filmmaker.

While working as an independent photographer in 2013, Leo developed the project “The Uprising,” which is an inside view of the riots that drove millions of people out on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. In 2014, after being inspired by the upcoming World Cup and the Olympics, Leo started the 2-year multimedia project “Article 6 - We Don’t Want to Become a Statistic,” which explores the core of Rio’s social problems. Both projects achieved important visibility and have been exhibited nationwide.

The desire to connect with his continent’s native culture and the aspiration to build its imagistic spiritual map carried Leo to the Amazon. Since 2015, he has been working on a long-term project about a native Bora shaman deep inside the Peruvian rainforest. Also, to uncover the Amazon’s spiritual beliefs, Leo shot a documentary in 2017 called “Pena e Maracá – A Encantaria do Fundo” about a peculiar natural healing method practiced mainly by women in the exquisite Marajo Island, north of Brazil.

Leo is mentored by Zackary Canepari.


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