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Le Case Vuote / The Empty Houses

By the middle of March, northern Italy had become the center of a global pandemic. For the latest issue of Vanity Fair ItaliaFranco Pagetti captured images of the houses of those who left us.

Pictured above is the home of Virgilio and Rosa Ravasio, 79 and 76 years old from Gazzaniga (Bergamo) — a retired policeman and nurse. Married for 52 years, they died three days apart. Three of Virgilio’s brothers died in the same house. Maria Vittoria, Rosa’s 82-year-old sister, was saved. Virgilio and Rosa leave two children, Iviano and Ileana.

Pierre & Alexandra Boulat Award

The Pierre & Alexandra Boulat Award is accepting submissions now until June 30, 2020. Sponsored for the sixth time by LaScam (société civile des auteurs multimedia), the grant is designed to help a photographer carry out an original reporting project through an €8000 endowment. Download the official announcement and rules here.

This award was established by the Pierre and Alexandra Boulat Association to promote the creation of documentary work with a social purpose. Formed in the memory of Pierre and Alexandra Boulat by friends and family after the death of VII founding member Alexandra Boulat in 2007, the Association seeks to keep the spirit of father and daughter alive through making their work available to the public and creating an annual grant to a photographer and sponsoring the education of young photographers.

Still Lives

Still Lives maggie steber

“In this unnatural state of isolation, photographers show us the things that bind.” The New York Times recently asked 15 photographers, including VII’s Maggie Steber to document their lives in quarantine. 

“I am a documentary photographer who has worked in 70 countries covering war and hunger and many sad things but also great beauty and courage.

I live alone in a small house in Miami with two cats, A and B, who think they are dogs. I don’t mind being alone during this corona crisis because I grew up alone, an only child of an only parent who was a brilliant and eccentric scientist.

I was fortunate to have the mother I had. She was a parasitologist and worked with viruses as well, including early research on the AIDS virus. When I was a child, my mother would tell me bedtime stories in which the main characters were parasites and viruses. On weekends, we would go to her lab and I would play with white mice and look with fascination at jars containing tapeworms and all kinds of icky-looking manifestations of parasites…”

Read more from Maggie here

“The Longest Day”

This week, The Cut featured Espen Rasmussen's new project in which he documents his family’s new normal.

This week, The Cut featured Espen Rasmussen’s new project in which he documents his family’s new normal.

“Espen Rasmussen has documented everything from the rise of far-right extremists in Greece to refugees in Colombia. For his latest project, The Longest Day, the photographer has produced intimate, atmospheric images of his life at home. In Rasmussen’s ‘very first personal project,’ the mundane routines, insidious fear, and soul-stirring humanity of the coronavirus crisis coalesce.”

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