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America, Again Chapter 4 Interrupted

“America, Again” is a year-long project by the photographers of VII, an exploration of some of the most important issues facing American voters as they head to the polls on November 3rd. This is Chapter 4: Interrupted, which includes an essay by Emeritus Member Sara Terry.

Not just interrupted. Brought to a standstill. By something that can’t even be seen by the human eye, so tiny it is measured in microns and nanometers?—? millionths and billionths of inches.

The coronavirus, or COVID-19, has wreaked havoc across the globe. As I write this on May 14, 2020, the official number of confirmed cases worldwide has just topped 4.5 million. There have been 303,345 deaths and 1,703,744 million people who have recovered. Economies have been devastated, unemployment levels in the U.S. have risen to levels not seen since the Great Depression, and structural inequities everywhere have been laid bare on a daily basis.

Still, like millions of people around the globe, the photographers of VII Photo have struggled—and continue to struggle?—?to make sense of this upside-down world, to define our humanity, to help frame the portal that is opening into a new world and all the choices that lie ahead. Some of us have been able to venture out into our communities; some of us have stayed at home.

“Chapter 4: Interrupted” is a moment in time in the middle of all this, a blink of an eye, and yet also an act of witnessing.

This project is supported by VII Foundation and VII Academy.

This New York Pastor Says his Parish Lost 44 People to Coronavirus
On the desk of Reverend Fabian Arias, there’s a list of 44 names — people from his congregation who have died of COVID-19. The vast majority are Latinx, many undocumented. The death toll in the Latin community is higher than any other racial or ethnic group in New York City. They are people working quietly in high-risk essential roles — deliveries, cleaning, restaurant staff — and they’re dying silently. Reverend Arias oversees the funerals, provides comfort where he can, and every week, holds services, though today his pulpit is a streaming platform from his living room in the Bronx. See more photos by Ashley Gilbertson in this piece on

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