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Artistic Practice in Documentary: From Stills to Videos

April 24, 2019 - April 28, 2019

Photo by Carlos Javier Ortiz.
Photo by Carlos Javier Ortiz / VII

Instructors: Ed Kashi, Carlos Javier Ortiz
Location: San Francisco
Cost: $1600 USD
Duration: 4 Days
Class size: 15
Skill level: Advanced amateurs and professionals
Scholarships: No


Documentary work is flourishing around the world today. From linear narrative storytelling on important issues to more conceptual, personal approaches, this is a glorious time for doing documentary work. This very special workshop will be a non-shooting experience with intensive discussions on topics ranging from Carlos and Ed’s artistic practice to their business models. Between these two instructors, they bring more than 60 years of cumulative experience in the fields of photojournalism, documentary photography, and filmmaking. We will focus on how Carlos and Ed use photography and film/video to create visual narratives, advocacy work and how to collaborate with creative partners and activists/NGOs/foundations/non-profits, as well as writing and editing skills, grant writing, funding, and research.

Carlos Javier Ortiz

Carlos Javier Ortiz: Portfolio // Site // Films // Instagram

Ed Kashi

Ed Kashi: Portfolio // Site // Films // Instagram

Students would be expected to either bring a project, in progress or finished, or a serious idea they are trying to get off the ground. There would also be intensive reviews and editing of existing work. The students will walk away with a wealth of practical and philosophical knowledge on how to propel their ideas and personal projects to a new level of quality, artistic expression, and social impact.


Day 1: Thursday, April 25, 2019

Meet and greet between participants and instructors, brief presentations by both instructors and a review of participants’ projects/ideas, with free-ranging discussion about both specific and general comments within the group.

Day 2: Friday, April 26, 2019

Continuation (if needed) of review of participants’ projects until everyone has presented and received comments and feedback, a series of lectures/group discussions on the subjects of: Finding Your Topic, Developing Visual Narratives, Visual Strategies and finding Collaborators to produce and disseminate your projects

Day 3: Saturday, April 27, 2019

Lectures/group discussions on Advocacy, Shooting Video and Stills, Funding and the importance of Writing, Research and Editing

Day 4: Sunday, April 28, 2019

The day will be dedicated to reviewing and editing each participant’s project anew, setting up an agenda to either finish or move their project forward and getting down to the specifics for each participant, so they leave the workshop energized and clear on what their next steps will be.


It will be best to stay in either Berkeley, Oakland or San Francisco. You will need to bring a laptop and hard drive or USB stick to transfer your work. Bring no more than 40 images or 10 minutes of video. We will not provide food so meals are on the students.

All health, travel and other potential liabilities are the responsibility of the student and should be covered adequately by their own insurance. We strongly recommend you consult with your own physician about health issues and take out travel insurance for your belongings. Please check about visa requirements which may vary depending on your nationality.


Ed Kashi

“During the last five years of working as a freelance photojournalist, I have attended a wide variety of workshops and classes trying to improve my abilities as a visual storyteller. One thing I have learned is that being an outstanding photographer has no direct correlation to one’s ability to teach this skill to others. Some of the best creators in the world are also some of the most difficult to learn from.

Not so with Ed Kashi, who is as gifted an educator as he is a documentarian. Patient, approachable, and warm, learning from Ed is more like being mentored by a talented friend. While some workshop environments can lead to stress and anxiety over one’s future, Ed finds a way to bring out the best in his students in a supportive way. 

Make no mistake – a workshop with Ed is not a time to be lazy or self-congratulatory. He will push you to produce the best work that you’re capable of, and makes no illusions about the difficult nature of professional work as a photographer. Getting in a classroom with Ed will not be a walk in the park by any stretch of the imagination, but the challenge will be one that you can leave feeling good about.” – Luc Forsyth

“While it is no mystery that Ed can capture inspiring moments through his lens, it is his immense heart, gentle soul and supportive spirit that make him such an amazing teacher.  He truly gets to know individuals he mentors and offers a perfect balance of real, constructive feedback, but also guidance to help his students reach their full potential, even when it is beyond what they can see for themselves.” – Amy Smith

“Ed Kashi is an inspiring photographer and teacher, he stands out because of his human values and sensibility which I consider the most important factors for a documentary photographer.” – André Novais

“I have taken two workshops with Ed Kashi.  Not only is he an inspiring photographer and great teacher, but he is an exceptional human being who makes you want to get out there with your camera and do good things for others in this world.  As he has done.  And so necessary in these times…” – Rudi Dundas

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April 24, 2019
April 28, 2019
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