VII is proud to announce the launch of an exciting new education initiative offering study abroad workshops around the world for high school and college-age photographers.

Through a partnership with Rustic Pathways—an established provider of innovative, international  student travel programs for 30 years—the renowned photojournalists of VII will guide small cohorts of students through an immersive learning experience, tailored specifically for young photographers who wish to develop skills in photography and visual storytelling. These high school and college expeditions offer a unique chance for adventurous students to be challenged and inspired under the guidance of world-renowned photojournalists.

We are pleased to offer Summer 2014 programs in Costa Rica for high-school students and Cambodia for college-age students. Applications will be accepting on a rolling basis, but preference will be given to applications submitted prior to March 1, 2014. To receive updates on future expeditions and study abroad opportunities, please sign up here.

Students, click below to apply for upcoming Summer 2014 summer abroad programs:

Monteverde3 copy The Floating Villagers of Cambodia
An indigenous photo immersion into rural Costa Rica
June 18 – July 3, 2014 | Students ages 15 – 19
June 24 – July 8, 2014 | Students ages 18 – 25
$4950 + Airfare* $4665 + Airfare
We are excited to offer this extraordinary opportunity for adventurous high school students to live alongside two of the remaining indigenous tribes of Costa Rica. In this program, renowned VII photojournalists Ed Kashi and Jessica Dimmock will teach students to see in a new way by exploring the rich cultural and geographic backdrop of a longstanding tribal civilization. The program will be capped at 16 students to ensure an intimate learning environment and ample one-on-one time with mentors. For teens who are enthusiastic about hands-on learning and want to develop their storytelling skills, this will be an intensive photography experience. Students will emerge from this educational expedition with valuable experience and a body of work that tells both a personal story of exploration and looks critically at the challenges and strengths of the surviving tribal communities who still live in Costa Rica’s tropical paradise. You can learn more about the details of this trip on the Rustic Pathways website or click below for a full PDF itinerary.*Specially discounted group airfare of $586 from Newark, NJ to San Jose is available for those who book by March 15. This is an intensive immersion in photography specifically designed for college students or young photographers who have curiosity about the world and wish to make a real advance with their photography and narrative storytelling skills. Like all of VII’s masterclasses and workshops the aim of the program is to launch you into a culturally rich environment and teach you the skills to identify, research and document meaningful stories. Led by renowned VII photojournalists Gary Knight and Anastasia Taylor-Lind, each student will be given an assignment to be tackled individually or in pairs. There are a broad range of subjects which include but are not limited to: floating villages, tourism, spirituality, land mine related issues, primary health care issues, rural life, urbanism, generation x, and arts and crafts. To complete your assignment, you will be engaging in meetings and talks with community leaders—journalists, photographers and NGO workers—who are tackling the big issues that face the country today. At the end of the program you will return home with an edited portfolio and personal journal of this exceptional experience.
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