VII has been committed to education and vocational training since it was founded in 2001 and has a reputation for innovation in this field.

We take education very seriously and in addition to our flagship Mentor Program we offer a vibrant program of seminars, workshops and masterclasses.

Over the coming months will be developing significant new education programs to add to those we currently offer. These programs will be available worldwide and online and will place emphasis on providing education and professional development and training in communities where it is needed and will be partnering with other organizations to provide opportunities for learning where there is little or none. VII’s Mentor Program was the first of its kind and has kickstarted the careers of many young photographers and our workshops are some of the most exciting and innovative of their kind. We have created a new code of ethics for our teachers and mentors and continue to improve and develop our pedagogy and practice. 

Professional Workshops

The first VII workshop took place in Siem Reap, Cambodia in 2003 with Alexandra Boulat, Gary Knight, Antonin Kratochvil and James Nachtwey. That workshop established a culture of intensive and immersive weeklong workshops and the public projection of the work. Since then VII has managed workshops with universities and schools and for professional and serious amateur photographers in dozens of locations around the world.

We will be developing this program over the coming years offering new experiences in still and time based media, visual literacy, editing and career building.

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The VII Mentor Program

Our two year long Mentor Program which was conceived when we started in 2001 and launched in 2008 was the first of its kind and has helped develop and establish the careers of many young photographers from all over the world. A small number of them have joined the agency or gone on to work with other eminent photo agencies.

For two years, each selected photographer works with one member of VII to develop his or her own professional practice. VII distributes the mentored photographers work for the duration of the Mentor program.

Many of the mentees have produced important work and won significant peer reviewed awards, and they have built relationships with some of the most prominent media organizations in the world. The Mentor Program is something that has great meaning to the members of VII and we will be further developing it in the years ahead to respond to the needs of young photographers worldwide.

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VII partners with CreativeLive and offers live instructional programs online. Anyone can watch live CreativeLive online workshops for free and interact with instructors in real time. VII will be further developing its online education presence.

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