VII Foundation Workshop Scholarship

VII Academy Workshop Scholarship

Eligible applicants who wish to be considered for a VII Academy scholarship to attend a VII workshop should complete the applications linked below. 

Available Scholarships

Eligibility Requirements: Photographers who are both citizens and residents of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Armenia, or Russia. Click here to apply. 

Eligibility Requirements: Photographers who are both citizens and residents of North and Northeastern India, Nepal, and the highlands of Bangladesh. Click here to apply.

Eligibility Requirements: Citizens who are also residents of Armenia. Click here to apply. 

Important Information

All applicants must be 18 years old by the time of the workshop.

Scholarships are for tuition only (unless otherwise specified). Travel, accommodation, food and other expenses are not covered by the scholarships and are the responsibility of the workshop participant.

Certain scholarships are available to participants from specific countries, and others are to participants worldwide. Please refer to the list on this page to see if you are eligible for a scholarship.

A Scholarship Board of the VII Academy will review all applications and determine recipients for scholarships based on workshop-specific criteria that will always include need and a commitment to visual journalism.

Read the Scholarship Application Terms & Conditions

About the VII Academy

The strategy of the VII Academy is to promote, teach and foster high-quality international journalism by upskilling emerging professionals and students on scholarship from the majority world and underrepresented communities in G20 countries in media practice, visual journalism, narrative, ethics, business and entrepreneurship, thereby enabling in the long term a culture whereby the information narrative is democratized.