M’hammed Kilito Shortlisted for Leica Oskar Barnack Award

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Photo M'hammed Kilito / VII Mentor Program. Youth emigration is one of the major problems facing the oases of southern Morocco. Hicham, seen here, emigrated to France, and after a year and several difficult and poorly paying jobs, he decided to return to Morocco. To his surprise, no one, including family, encouraged him. Today, Hicham is a fulfilled young man, happy to be in Morocco. He lives in Agadir and works for an association that helps poor and homeless children.

VII Mentor Program photographer M’hammed Kilito’s project “Before It’s Gone” has been shortlisted for the Leica Oskar Barnack Award photo competition.

About the project:

“Oases are an important ecological buffer against desertification, and represent places of biological diversity. In addition to abundant water and the right soil quality, date palms are a crucial element. Now more than ever, the balance of these factors is threatened by climate change and human intervention. The Moroccan photographer (born in 1981) provides insight, not only into this sensitive ecosystem, but also into the intangible heritage of the nomadic cultures of his home country.”