Fabiola Ferrero

Caracas, Venezuela

Fabiola Ferrero

Mentor Program

Fabiola Ferrero, born in Caracas in 1991, is a journalist and photographer currently based between Venezuela and Colombia.

Her work is the result of growing up in one of the most dangerous cities in the world, which led her to explore how societies act under hostile contexts and to focus on the human condition through writing and photography.

As well as developing independent investigations in Latin America, she has been published in TIME, M Magazine, Le Monde, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, PH Museum Story of the week, YET Magazine, El País, Yahoo News, The Week, Revista El Malpensante, and others.

Fabiola is the winner of the Emerging Vision Award 2017 by The Documentary Project Fund and a PH Museum Women Photographers Grant 2017 ‘New Generation Honorable Mention.’ She is also part of the World Press Photo 6×6 Talent Program South America.

Fabiola is mentored by Maggie Steber.