Valentina Sinis

Chengdu, China

Valentina Sinis

Mentor Program

EyesOnChina contributor Valentina Sinis has lived and worked in China since 2004. Based in the Sichuan province, she has immersed herself in the rich culture of the region, has become fluent in the language, and worked to develop a dynamic network of collaborators. These experiences have shaped her aesthetic sensibility and vastly enriched her practice.

Valentina gravitates toward the quirky and unusual. She is attracted to offbeat realities and people existing on the margins. Her photographs illustrate the deep bond she forms with her subjects. She brings to her work a thorough but delicate insight into idiosyncrasies, hidden meanings, and all those subtle gestures that are either taken for granted or sensationalized but rarely investigated.

Her pictures have been published in numerous magazines and newspapers nationwide. Currently, she is working on a long-term independent project in Asia and Middle East, as well as assignments throughout China. Moving forward, Valentina will continue to deepen her engagement in Chinese culture as she seeks to document cultural movements at every level, from fashion and art to contemporary tattooing and music to ancient traditions.

Valentina is mentored by Christopher Morris.