“Qatar’s World Cup Building Boom: Too Hot to Work” wins POY80 Award

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Photo by Ed Kashi / VII for TIME. A worker on a construction site in Lusail City tries to stay hydrated.

“Qatar’s World Cup Building Boom: Too Hot to Work” received the POY Award of Excellence in the Documentary Journalism category

Ed Kashi served as the Director of Photography for a short documentary supported by the Pulitzer Center and produced for TIME magazine. The film, directed by Tom Laffay and edited by Diane Tsai with additional editorial support from Elijah Wolfson of Time and Jacob Templin of Time/Context, explores the health effects of heat stress on migrant workers constructing the World Cup infrastructure in Qatar. Over the past decade, thousands of workers have lost their lives due to poor working conditions and excessive heat, but thanks to international pressure and the efforts of activists, there is hope that the situation in Qatar has improved. Moreover, the new labor rules and technological advancements in equipment may have positive effects on manual laborers worldwide.