Photographers and Archives Session 3: Accessing the Archive with Alison Nordström and Hilary Roberts

In a VII Insider series of conversations moderated by Paul Lowe, curators Alison Nordström and Hilary Roberts draw upon their vast professional experience to consider how archives are created, what is involved in maintaining them for future generations, and issues associated with their exploitation.

If you missed Session 1: Creating the ArchiveSession 2: Preserving the Archive, or Session 3: Accessing The Archive, or you wish to revisit the conversations, recordings of the events are available until March 5 to Freemium VII Insider subscribers. After that, they will be available to Premium subscribers along with all other VII Insider resources.

Session 3. Accessing the Archive (February 4)

  • How will your photographs outlive you? How will they be seen?
  • Who uses archives, why and how? What are the potential benefits?
  • How do you balance access and preservation needs?
  • How do you fund archives? Are they viable sources of revenue?
  • What is the future of archives in the internet age?
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