Russian Invasion of Ukraine

In April 2022, Eric Bouvet documented the war in Ukraine with not just his camera but also his voice. This is how the “sonoramas,” imagined and produced by Amaury Mestre de Laroque, were born.

When 15-year-old Dasha fled the war in Ukraine, her Polish best friend Maya was there to take her whole family in. Watch a touching tale of friendship during troubling times of war in this video story shot by John Stanmeyer for UNICEF.

A short film by John Stanmeyer on the emotions of war through the perspective of train windows. Filmed & photographed in March 2022 at the railway station, Lviv, Ukraine.

Dispatch from Ukraine no. 2 – Ron Haviv

When bomb sirens began, police asked everyone to move inside the railway station. Alex (@alexpian_official on Instagram) wouldn’t stop, playing his piano louder against the air raid warning. His friend joined with the most calming pink nails. A simple, overwhelming one-minute passion against fear, against war…