The 30: New and Emerging Photographers to Watch in 2022

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VII’s Mary Gelman is included in “The 30.” Established in 1999, “The 30” is recognized throughout the professional photography industry as a “go-to outlet to discover up-and-coming photographers” (TIME, 2015), and as a platform that helps emerging photographers grow their careers.

In his profile of Mary, Conor Risch writes:

"Mary Gelman’s interest in people and the communities they form is central to her work as a photographer, and to her focus on long-term documentary projects. Prior to devoting herself fulltime to photography, Gelman earned a degree in sociology. That background is evident in the topics to which she’s chosen to devote herself and in her mindset as a photographer. She strives to put herself on equal footing with the people she photographs. 'You're always thinking about other people—what they feel, what they want, what's comfortable for them. And that's most important in my photography, communication.' Gelman’s visual language, she says, is a natural extension of that attention to the experiences and needs of others."