Advocacy Work: Telling Important Stories For Impact with Ed Kashi

Virtual event


March 16, 2021
10:00–11:15AM EST

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Photo by Ed Kashi / VII. Walter Arsenio Rivera, 32, goes about his daily routine in Chichigalpa, Nicaragua on April 14, 2016. He is sick with CKDnT.

This lecture by Ed Kashi will inspire photojournalists and documentarians with ideas about the creative opportunities that exist on multiple different media platforms. Throughout Ed’s career, he’s constantly sought ways to tell stories of social and geopolitical significance, and in this lecture he’ll share some of the partnerships and approaches that have helped his reporting have an impact on the world.

Ed Kashi

, New York

New York, USA Ed Kashi is a photojournalist, filmmaker, speaker, and educator dedicated to documenting the social and political issues that define our times. A sensitive eye and an intimate relationship to his subjects are signatures of his work. A member of the VII Agency since 2010, Kashi has been recognized for his complex imagery and its compelling rendering of the human condition.