Confronting Choice in Your Photojournalism Career


September 26, 2016
15:45–18:00PM EDT

There is a common moral dilemma in a photojournalistic career based around the idea of the person you want to be and the photographer you are being paid to be. In this class, Gary Knight will walk you through his journey as a photojournalist and the choices he’s made when confronted with ethical dilemmas that changed the course of his career. For budding photojournalists or the ones who are re-evaluating their careers, this class will cover:

  • How to build and adapt your career as your interests change over time
  • How to deal with the darkest and lightest moments you are sent to capture
  • How to stay true to yourself when hired for work in complex environments

Gary Knight’s career spans over three decades, he’ll discuss some of his first assignments photographing Khmer Rouge in Cambodia through his time with the hills tribes of Zomia in 2016.

This class will broadcast live for free on September 26, 2016 at 3:45PM EDT.

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