Digital Silver Imaging Technical Webinar Series: Film Scanning and Editing

Virtual event


May 13, 2021
10:00–11:15AM EDT

Join VII Insider

Instructors: Scott Nidermaier & Eric Luden

Your film archive has value as a source of income, a portfolio of your work, and as a historic and personal record. How to digitize your archive is often a source of confusion and misinformation. In this webinar the experts at Digital Silver Imaging will visit a variety of ways to digitize your archive.

Topics include

  • Scanning, drum scans, and direct image capture
  • Scanning / image capture do’s and don’ts
  • File format choices
  • Digital file storage
  • Archival considerations
  • Question and answer

Eric Luden

Eric Luden is the founder and CEO of Digital Silver Imaging.

Scott Nidermaier

Scott Nidermaier is Digital Silver Imaging’s head of Digital Capture services and a Capture One expert.

Digital Silver Imaging

Digital Silver Imaging is the first, and only, New England-based photo lab to integrate photographic laser technology and classic black & white printing. This technology is why Eric Luden started this lab in 2008. Since 2008, they have added color pigment inkjet printing, mounting, matting and framing.
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