They Don't Tell Stories Like They Used To


June 22, 2016
17:30–19:00PM EDT

with Ashley Gilbertson
June 22, 2016 at 5:30PM
Cannes, France

Storytelling is more than an advertising buzz word–for fifteen years, the photographers and filmmakers of VII Photo and directors of photography at UNICEF have been telling stories of real human beings involved in social upheaval, daily life, and monumental change. To VII, the discipline demands integrity and relies on clear narrative and empathy. More content is being created than ever before, so what sets great work apart? Authenticity. But how do you create that, and how is it transferable to the advertising world?

Even though storytelling is changing, great stories will continue to have impact and motivate for change.

With UNICEF, VII has worked extensively on the Refugee Crisis in Europe. Together, they presented moments of hope and inspiration to contrast the daily news coverage of grim desperation. Refugees themselves engaged with social media to directly represent themselves. The New York Times published an opinion piece about the work.

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