Family Stories


September 23, 2017
20:00–22:00PM EDT

with Sim Chi Yin
September 23, 2017
8 PM – 10PM

An evening of remarkable family stories that make up a much larger and more universal story. With four master storytellers from different backgrounds and disciplines. What made them make these stories? How vulnerable are they, sharing such personal subjects? What form did they choose to tell their story and why?


Singaporean photographer Sim Chi Yin talks about her extensive project One Day We’ll Understand, in which she explores a hidden chapter of the Cold War in Asia, taking her family history as her starting point.

Filmmaker Yan Ting Yuen will discuss her acclaimed film My Father’s Choice (De keuze van mijn vader) in which she links the personal history of her father and his family to the major developments of the past fifty years within China.

Sara Kolster (interactive director and designer) talks about her radio documentary When I was five years old (Toen ik vijf was).Through conversations with her parents, relatives, her own daughter and children who have lost a sibling at early age she explores how children deal with this loss – and how she dealt with it herself. 

Ogutu Muraya is a Kenyan writer, theatre-maker and storyteller. He will tell a beautiful story about Kenia’s colonial past, using his masterful, dynamic storytelling style.

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