Ground Up – China on the Margins


October 19, 2014
14:00–16:00PM EDT

with Sim Chi Yin
October 19, 2014, 2:00 PM
National Museum of Singapore

Cost: $12
Maximum Audience: 30

Join Sim Chi Yin for an afternoon of photos and discussion of her work documenting Chinese society at the grassroots, as part of the Singapore International Photo Festival. From petitioners sleeping rough and migrants living in Beijing’s basements, to gold miners waiting for death in the remote mountains, Chi Yin has found ways to access communities on the fringe and then worked in an intimate, close-up way to tell their stories.

Chi Yin will also talk about the personal story she is working on: how her paternal grandfather – a journalist and community leader – was deported from British Malaya to China, joined the Chinese Communist Party guerrilla army and was executed just before the Communist victory in 1949.

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