Maggie Steber Artist Talk


May 18, 2018
17:00–19:00PM EDT

“The Secret Garden of Lily LaPalma is a series of photographs made in the shadows of a dark side of me that I have, as of late, begun to re-explore. Without meaning to make them so, these photographs reveal my fears and private memories, all the things that are wrapped up, not always so neatly, in someone’s life.”  Maggie Steber

Join Maggie Steber for an artist talk at Leica Gallery Boston on May 18, 2018 from 5-7PM where her exhibition The Secret Garden of Lily LaPalma is on view from May 3 – July 8, 2018

The Secret Garden of Lily LaPalma is a provocative photographic sequence by Maggie Steber. Steber, a 2017 Guggenheim Foundation Fellow, was awarded this prestigious grant for The Secret Garden, an ongoing series that embodies Steber’s subconscious captured by her alter-ego, Lily LaPalma. The Secret Garden of Lily LaPalma represents a complete reinvention for Steber, a striking departure from her extensive documentary photography body of work.

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