The Manufactured Rift Between Art and Journalism


March 5, 2016
19:30–21:00PM EDT

with Ed Kashi & Sim Chi Yin
March 5, 2016
7:30 PM – 9 PM
Chapel Gallery, Objectifs
Entry by donation (Pre-registration is required)

A public lecture by VII president & photographer Ed Kashi

In conversation with VII photographer Sim Chi Yin

Veteran documentarian Ed Kashi, who has focused on some of the most important social and geopolitical issues of the past 30 years of human history, will share vignettes of his wide-ranging work from around the world in this lecture, on his first visit to Singapore. Kashi, who is currently president of VII, has photographed for National Geographic, The New York Times Magazine and other top international publications. He now spends about half his time doing self-directed projects and making films, and in many ways the evolution of his career reflects the changes in the media landscape, disrupted by the digital revolution. He will speak on the adventures he’s had on the road, on the highs and lows of being a globe-trotting photographer (and husband and father of two).

After the lecture, Singaporean photographer Sim Chi Yin will host Ed in a conversation on what he sees as “the manufactured rift between art and journalism” and his thoughts on trends in the global photography industry.

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