Reportage: The Classics and the Outsiders


From: November 20, 2014 @ 00:00
To: November 23, 2014 @ 23:59 EDT

fee: €750
class size: 12

How should photographic work be structured? What strategies do working photographers use to select and edit images? What distinguishes a reporter from an auteur?

In this workshop, Stefano De Luigi will address these questions by analyzing work from a range of sources: the century’s main photographers, his own and that of his students. Starting from the 1930s and concentrating on the main categories of the classics and the outsiders, De Luigi will uncover the history of reportage and clarify its most complex aspects. He will illustrate how two apparently very different approaches evolved separately, to then cross paths and come together again at the beginning of the new millennium.

This workshop is for those already experienced in photography, both amateurs or professionals, who are interested in reportage and who already have projects to share and discuss with others. Attention will also be given to the contemporary editorial market.

Required materials: Ten images that represent your work as a whole and one or two examples or attempts of reportage to share and discuss.

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