Storytelling Workshop from Stills to Motion


March 26, 2016
10:00–15:00PM EDT

“This workshop is designed around how to make the transition from stills to video. It is designed to be hands-on, interactive and instructional. You will learn how to start simply, and then how to move it into the next level. This was my path and I find it most helpful to demonstrate this with my work. Some of that comes from understanding that documentary footage no longer has to look like news coverage. It should be cinematic, beautiful, and experimental and have voice. In addition to the hands-on elements, we will view samples of my upcoming feature documentary, in which I employ two cameras so as to have cuts and edits often reserved for narrative work. We will also view samples from recent documentaries that stretch the boundaries of what documentaries mean. Students will leave feeling inspired and well prepared to move beyond stills and create motion. This is something ALL photographers can do!” —Jessica Dimmock

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