“The Pain of Others” at the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art


From: December 8, 2022 @ 12:00
To: April 16, 2023 @ 18:00 CET

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The installation of Ali Arkady's "Kissing Death" series in the group show, "The Pain of Others," on view at Prague's DOX Centre for Contemporary Art until April 16, 2023.

Almost twenty years ago, Susan Sontag wrote an essay entitled “Regarding the Pain of Others,” in which she asked an important question: How can we mediate unimaginable suffering for those who haven’t experienced it themselves?

One can now search for the answer, which is more relevant than ever in this time of war, at Prague’s DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in a new group show entitled “The Pain of Others.” On view until April 16, 2023, the exhibition includes the series “Kissing Death” by VII’s Ali Arkady.

About “Kissing Death”:

During the war with ISIS in Iraq (2014–2017), Iraqi photographer and artist Ali Arkady received authorization from the elite Iraqi military unit ERD (Emergency Response Division) to follow their progress in fighting ISIS. Arkady was invited to work on
a photo story and a documentary. What for him began as a positive story about Shia and Sunni Iraqi soldiers fighting on the same side against a mutual enemy turned into a horrific journey that included torture, rape, killing, and robbing of innocent Iraqi civilians by the ERD.

“I live every day with the pain I have witnessed. It gets better with time, or maybe not. Maybe we just gradually adapt to the pain we have seen,” Ali Arkady describes his experience.

Ali Arkady

Ali Arkady

Ali Arkady (b. 1982) is an artist, photographer, and filmmaker from Iraq. In 2009, Ali joined Metrography, the first Iraqi photo agency, and in 2014, he joined VII Photo Agency as part of the VII Mentor Program. In 2017, Ali had to flee Iraq with his family when his life was threatened after photographing Iraqi armed forces committing war crimes. He sought refuge in Europe, where he was granted asylum and has subsequently built a new life.
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