The Visual Voice


From: October 1, 2016 @ 00:00
To: October 2, 2016 @ 23:59 EDT

This intense 2-day workshop with Ron Haviv and Michael Robinson Chavez in Hyderabad, India on October 1 and 2 will explore the multi-faceted approaches to photojournalism and documentary and help guide you on your own path. Students will learn what is required of a photographer, not just in the field but also organizing workflow and having images published and marketed.

Developing a personal sensitivity and visual style will be discussed. Haviv and Robinson Chavez will encourage participants to work using their instincts rather than formulas.

The workshop will combine portfolio reviews, a thematic assignment, editing sessions, and dialogue. Haviv and Robinson Chavez will also share their own work and experience as photojournalists. Discussions will guide each person’s narrative direction and then be developed in the workshop.

Throughout your time together, they will help you understand the reality of photojournalism today and share tips on what it takes to cover the world. You will leave with a clearer understanding of what it takes and be well along the way to defining your personal path forward in the world of photography.

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