VII Interactive: Case Studies

How We Make Our Stories

A VII photographer in conversation with a colleague discusses the evolution of a signature project, from concept, through production to publication or exhibition. They will discuss how unforeseen problems were overcome, how they managed the project, how they adapted to changing circumstances, and how the project evolved in unimaginable ways.

Followed by an audience Q&A.

Photographers’ stories, films, and portfolios are seldom viewed with any explanation of how the work was made. The images are usually seen with an accompanying story about the events or people portrayed that reflects the needs of the media who helped create the work. Looking back at some of our important stories, we think there is a lot to learn from understanding how and why the work was produced. For example, understanding what challenges needed to be overcome, learning what was and wasn’t photographed and why, or what images were selected for publication or rejected when the work was published in media at the time might help us understand the photographs or the events, differently.